Sunday, March 29, 2009


I am amazed at what people throw out in New York City!!!
This afternoon, walking down the street, and on turning the corner I stopped gasped out loud! I saw this beautiful desk just sitting there on the curb with the trash!!! It's just beautiful, and just the desk I had been dreaming of!!! There wasn't even a split second where I even considered leaving it!!

And so, the wonderful man with me (thank you!! ;) ) picked it up for me, and we dragged it to his apartment, where later on he popped it into a cab and I took it off to my apartment! I'm so happy with it!!!

In the above left photo it's pre clean, and as soon as I walked it in the door!! The desk has some varnish or something which was spilt over it the top of it (see the above right photo), and down the front too, which did make the top drawer stick (but that was fixed with a bit of clever man power!!). The spilt varnish has chipped off in places, and with encouragement, patience and a lil' elbow grease, I hope it should all come off without too much trouble! The only problem area I think will be the black top... I'll delicately do my best with it, but I think this will eventually just have to add a little character to the desk!!!

I will be taking daylight photos soon too so you can see it better, but well, I couldn't wait to share the best find ever!! Below are the photo's of it a bit more settled into my room! 

I really am amazed what people throw out in the trash though!! What's that phrase? 'One man's trash is another man's treasure' ? Oh so true!!!! I LOVE my new desk!!!!!

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