Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bryant Park, NYC

This is my third Christmas in New York City now, and every year I always, without fail, have to go up to Bryant Park to wander around the ice rink and the little stores camped out just for the season.
As this is my last weekend before I'm off to Dad's for the holidays I had to go and check it out! Above and below are a couple snaps I took of my visit. Hot coffee in hand, I got soaked up in that wonderful Christmas feeling and hummed along to the Christmas tunes flowing from the little shops..

I have a soft spot for Bryant Park. I sat on one of their green chairs in the early Spring of 2006 on a weekend visit to New York. Although I had it in mind before that I would move here, it was in that park at that moment, looking across the square of green while the buildings towered around it on all sides, giving that patch a sense of protection, that I decided NYC was going to be my new home. A month and a half later, I was here...

Maybe thats why I go back every year, not just for the Christmas cheer but to remind me of where it all began, and how far I've come... Bryant Park always makes me smile, at any time of the year. 

I watched 'The Bridges Of Madison County' tonight, a movie which I love, and makes me cry! But there was a line that Robert (Clint Eastwood) said that rang out to me, and I'd like to share it...
"Change is one of the laws of nature. Some people fear change, but if you can look at it like something you can count on, it can actually become a comfort"

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