Thursday, April 10, 2008

People in Glass Houses Shouldn't Throw Stones...

Today in NYC was the first real warm spring-like day, it was amazing! Unfortunately, I didn't get to spend much time in it, but I know some of you did - and I'm jealous! I think they should make days like this a no work day - just like Snow Days! Only the opposite!! "Sorry, I can't make it into work today, its too sunny and warm, and I just cant stay inside"...Oh in a perfect world! So on that note, I've been looking around a lot of other design blogs recently, and all are a-buzz with wonderful images and ideas for outside areas, decks, benches, fabrics, sea scapes, gardens, and more, and all amazing... So i decided to post a few images of my own, with a little twist! - in honor of my working to hard inside, to make it outside, living! I've picked a few of my favorite glass extensions, kitchens, rooms, homes...Well you get the idea! If only my working inside could be in one of these - then I could have enjoyed the first spring day of 2008!

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