Friday, April 11, 2008

A little bit of Country...Right in your Home!

Inspired by Desire to Inspire's (it worked!) living room, with her new cowhide rug, got me dreaming about my own, and following in her footsteps, cruised Ebay for that perfect cow.. of course, I found one! - Got to love Ebay!
Of course, then at work, via the wonders of Fedex, a most wonderfully packaged box arrived!! Each layer in tissue paper, sealed with a square of colored cow hide, was the wonders of Kyle Bunting's cowhides...Extraordinary doesn't cover it! Beautiful rugs, natural and of every color, cut gosh what a collection! I picked out my favorites to show you all...luxuriously delicious! You have to check him out!!
Now its just a case of the "Mr. Crowley" dark chocolate one below, or the classic cow hide shape.. Decisions! Decisions!

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Anonymous said...

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