Sunday, February 21, 2010

Puppy Power...

So, I've been having a rough time of it recently, and so on this sunny gorgeous day in nyc I decided to make some time for me. I started it off with a wonderfully long chat with my Mum in England (why is it Mum's are so good at making everything better?!) and sitting on my favorite set of park benches on Spring St in Soho.
I then decided to hit up Starbucks for my regular latte and go have a manicure... next door to the place on Christopher St there's a pet shop, full of little puppies. Now really I wouldn't ever get a puppy from one of these places but I figured I'd take a look and well, who doesn't get cheered up at the sight of puppies anyways?!
And so, right at the end, as cute as a button, a little brown and black speckled Cocker Spaniel looked right at me, and I couldn't help but be caught by his sad puppy face and big brown eyes! I put my hand up to the glass to which he tried to bite right through it!! aww!!
So, I had to have a play with the little fella, so out he came and into a little pen on the floor. I got in too, and there we played around for ages, him jumping up and down, nibbling my fingers and getting a good tummy rub or two! He made me smile and laugh so much I only wished I could take him home and love him forever.... but sadly, I can't...
One thing for sure though, we had some fun and he cheered me up a treat! Thank you lil fella, I hope you get yourself a loving home... x

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