Sunday, February 7, 2010

Paint Swatch Wall!

This weekend I decided to get a little on a chilly Saturday early afternoon I walked into Home Depot on 23rd street and picked up a few Ralph Lauren paint swatches...

I've wanted to do something with the wall behind my bed for a long time. And back then I did start it off by painting the wall that pretty purple/pink color (see the inspiration post about it here!) but since then that's about all that happened to it. I did have one of my paintings hanging there, but really having it over my head while I slept didn't always feel so great...fear of it dropping on me perhaps?!!

So, with an idea I've played with before on canvases, and from some remembered inspiration from Design*Sponge on the below pics, I decided to try out some graphic artwork myself!

I did the top half first, setting all of the colors out on my coffee table, and over a few cups of tea I finally had them in a position I liked. Ill admit, I'm pretty particular about how things look and that they have to feel right to my eyes! And then with a bit of measuring on my wall, and after backing each swatch with mounting tape, I preceded to line up the first row!
I totally enjoyed doing this by the way!! Maybe it was because I was finally getting it up on the wall, or because I loved being so creative (after feeling as though I hadn't been for so long!) or maybe it was because I was blasting out music, singing along, and just thoroughly enjoying the whole time!
Now, the second half, neat little trick I pulled out of my hat! I mirrored the top half!! I was missing one or two identical swatches, and just replaced them with ones as similar as I could get it. The odd mismatch added a twist! I really love how it turned out! If I could change anything I'd make it bigger!! But maybe I can add a line here or there sometime too!

Images from this post on Design*Sponge! The reviews on that post are intense though I warn you!

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