Monday, February 16, 2009

Work and M&M's...

Well, I'm taking a break, so I thought I'd do a quick post. Yup, it's President's Day.. but I'm at work. Just as I was yesterday too. Still, I think I prefer the office when I'm the only one in it! Nobody is around to bug me or distract me.. oh yea, and I get to listen, sing, and dance to some terribly cheesy music and no one can see or hear me!! ha!

The below card from is so perfect it made me laugh out loud!!!

Anyways, regarding the M&M's above... I'm eating them as I take my break and thought I'd give you a random fact about myself. Something I bet very few people know about me!
When I open a little pack of M&M's (which unfortunately isn't often! ha!), I sort them all into color order... long stringy lines of chocolate morsels! I flip them up so their M's are showing too. If any are badly damaged, they usually get eaten and get to bypass the whole line thing.. lucky M&M. Then, one by one they go, the colors I don't like first.. yellow, orange, green. Then my red's and browns. I like lining them up to see which color I've got most of!
And then there's my favorite.. the BLUE ones!! I'm happy if I have more blue ones than any other... this time though, green outdid them all by about five morsels.
Blue ones go last.. not that they taste any different mind you.. I just like the blue ones.

Anyways, enough of my random (and slightly weird) habits... time to get back to work!

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