Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lucky Stars..

Hiiii.... yes, I know, the regularity of my posts has well, left little to be desired...

Anyways! I'm back, and all has VERY thankfully found it's way back to being normal and good again.
Over the past week I've hopped over to Michigan to see my Dad and my Sister (who's been over from England). It was so very good to see them both, I was glad to find them both with smiles on their faces, and to join in with that comforting security a family can bring... at the end of the day, there is something so wonderful being surrounded by people who would go to the ends of the earth for you, if you needed them, if you asked them to. My family is so priceless like that, I thank my lucky stars to have them all.

Above is a purdy pic of my Sister, Kathryn, it snowed a ton in MI and it was our job to shovel it off the driveway - but not without a few snowball fights and snow angels!!! You'll see Dad's dog Rufus in the background, who has a taste for eating the fluffy white stuff as well as rolling in it!!!!

So posts will be coming thick and fast again soon!!

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