Saturday, November 8, 2008

Yellow Leaves and Coziness....

It's a rainy day in NYC, one of those days where you don't stray too far from the warm or dry unless you really have to. Quite frankly, sometimes I just like these days. I was in and out a bit myself today, but every time, I saw the bright yellow leaves from the tree in front of my building dance in the breeze, bounce in the rain, fall to the ground and swim down the gutters. It was really quite beautiful, the contrast of the gloomy skies, dirty wet streets, and these bright yellow leaves was something to be seen....

Recently I've been having my yearly hankering for an amazing quilt. I get this every year the seasons change and bring cooler air, and yet somehow, I've never actually gotten one!
So I went on a hunt. I'm pretty particular about what I want, maybe that's half my problem! So below I've posted my favorites.... Oh the idea of snuggling under one of these when it gets really cold, or getting to watch the first snow safely wrapped in it! Oh heaven!

Above, West Elm's Madison Quilt in Silver...I'm really loving the idea of grey, and this silver has made it's way high on my list! Below, Pottery Barn's Velvet Linen Quilts, in just beautiful colors, though I think I'll go for the Chrome grey!

But then again, maybe floral? And of course, who does floral quilts better than Cath Kidston?
The Rose Eiderdown directly below is my absolute favorite, maybe it's that grey thing again! Wondering if floral is too spring like though...even so, I do adore it's femininity!

And below are a few other gorgeous quilts or eiderdowns, I love that green one too! And the paisley is beautiful! All courtesy of Flickr.

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