Monday, April 13, 2009

If I Were To Cook A Feast...

When I lived back in England my roommates and I would have dinner parties, sometimes they were a little extravagant, other times they were simple - like a stunning Sunday Roast! I loved the cooking, and when everyone joins in and does their bit to help, the build up and preparation to the dinner was sometimes the best part of the evening!
I do miss those times! Maybe it's time to organize some more of those dinner parties!!
Well, I'm certainly not short of inspiration for setting the table these days!! So I've pulled together my favorites, and I'll admit to saving a couple of these for quite a long time, just waiting to share them!!

Above must be my two most favorite! Both of which are from Skona Hem, I adore the chandeliers, the mixed textures, the mis-matched chairs, the soft and rustic with touches of glam... I just love, love, love these two photos!!!!

Below are a few more great and beautiful table settings, the below left is so dreamy in all white, with lace, silver and antique wood chairs, it's totally feminine and great for when a few generations of women come around for tea and biscuits!
Below right, is one of the prettiest outdoor dinner tables I've seen, simple, elegant, not too fussy. I adore those iron chairs! (unfortunately I don't know where these two images are from! Let me know if you do!)

These next two are a little more contemporary, but they definitely aren't lacking in style!! They are both from Skona Hem, and are much more suited to mixed parties, so bring on the couples! The one on the left oozes cool white chic, with a fresh spring charm, it's hard to resist. There is something so perfect in mixing sharp crispy whites and warm woods - a look which will never go out of style!
The table setting on the right with the chrome, silver and the deep moody wall color and place mats has sense of masculinity and is lightened and softened perfectly by the plants and green accents.

Although I don't remember where I picked up the below left photo, I just love how the rugs are seemingly layered over each other haphazardly. The powerful patterns work perfectly, and the simple wood table and white chairs, dishes and accessories add a simplicity which just makes the rugs more striking and gorgeous. This is a simple table, relaxed and so subtly classy, it would be perfect for serving the tastiest Sunday Roast, where the food does the talking!
Below right is another gorgeous outdoor table setting (from Skona Hem), this oozes hot summer dining, where casual is everything.. and as the sun sets, I'd imagine this dinner rolling into the evening with dozens of candles and beautiful twinkly lights - oh I love candles and twinkly lights outdoors!!

Last but not least, these two super sharp dining tables are overdosing in wood - but they do it so well, and so effortlessly, I'm just loving them. On the left, from Living Etc., dark woods, solid black chairs, sharp chrome lighting, and the texture and colors of a cowhide rug creates the perfect mix to balance this luxurious room.
On the right, from Taverne Agency, simplicity is key. Mixing woods, old and new, with the delicacy of the chandeliers and lots of flowing sunlight, this is a table ready for any occasion, great or small. And I'm ready to start cooking up a feast!!!

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Clever Elsie said...

My God, those Skona Hem chandeliers! I'm speechless!...I can't help it. I'm a sucker for beautiful light fixtures. :)