Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bear Mountain!!

Yesterday was amazing!! The weather was amazing and warm, and what else do you do on such day but get out of the city?!! 
So!! Hoping on the back of an orange motorcycle, a wonderful man and I sped upstate to check out Bear Mountain! It was a perfect trip, and it was so so gorgeous out there, I can only imagine how stunning it will look when the trees are all green with summer in full swing!

I was in awe of Bear Mountain, and my eyes and soul were in relief in seeing so much open land spread out before me, the fresh air was wonderful, the sunshine a delight! (even if I did get a little sunburnt!!!)

So here are a few of my favorite photos....... Above - looking over a beautiful glistening lake, the curly tree near Bear Mountain Tower. 
Below, left to right, first row - A pretty pink tree in early bloom at Bear Mountain Tower, From the top of Bear Mountain Tower - such a beautiful view!
Second row, the view from a stop point on the road, From the top of Bear Mountain Tower looking down.
Third row, another view of glistening water from a stop point on the road, On the road- taken from the bike riding down the mountain on our way home.

It's been such a wonderful weekend I wish it wasn't almost over!

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Clever Elsie said...

Heh heh. What a trip down memory lane! The site of many class trips when I was growing up...