Wednesday, June 3, 2009

England Round Trip!

arriving.. the rolling hills of England! coming home.. the deep green of upstate NY!

I have no good excuses... I have neglected my blog terribly!!! And so, it's time to make up for um, lost time! 
I have been a busy bee, jumping here, there, and everywhere for the past month! But all of that later! As promised, I shall start off with my trip to England!

It was a great week (although a week wasn't really long enough!!) and although I was exhausted from running up and down England (and in need of another holiday to relax from the holiday!!) it was worth it!!
So a few quick pics.. first off, my Family, from left to right, my Mum's Brother and my Uncle David, My Mum, my Sister Kathryn and my Brother Daniel. I'm actually standing in my Uncles boat (which was obviously on land at the moment for maintenance!). On the way back to my Mum's house, we stopped for a classic Cream Tea... scones, jam and clotted cream, and of course, Tea!! My mission while in England was to eat everything completely and classically British! And I did pretty well too! Fish and Chips, Toad in the Hole, Proper Breakfast Fry-up!!

I also went up to see my good friend Sarah, in Shropshire, who has just been spending the last two years renovating her house! Finally, it is near completion! And it was a delight for me to see it after hearing so much about it!! I did fall in love with her bathroom, which has turned out beautifully - I wish I had the before pictures to show you!! Just think avocado green.. ew!!!
In this huge room, she created a huge shower, and a deep and welcoming tub, with Grohe fixtures. But best of all, I loved the way she used her slate tiles!! (which needed a whole sealing process also). The artist in her came shining through to create an original and striking design which, I think, makes the bathroom so special. One of the best things was, is that with this design, there was hardly any wastage of tile at all! Every sliver of slate was used!! I'm in love with this! Definitely one to keep in the inspiration folder! I can't wait to see the bathroom, and house completely finished and accessorized!! 

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